People donated clothes in all kinds of fabrics, prints, and textures, so every flag is different.   Each one carries the name of the street it came from – see if you can spot yours! 


thank you for all your donations 👍 

The bunting hanging outside the Southville Centre this spring is made from second-hand clothing and fabric, donated by the residents of Southville (and beyond!).  

Households in over 20 streets decluttered their wardrobes, and together we collected more than 50 carrier-bags of stock for Southville & Bedminster's charity shops.  Thank you all for being so generous!  

The 'bags for flags' bunting will hang outside the Southville Centre until the end of May, 2017.  Come visit! 

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The Southville Centre commissions artists to create buntings to display outside the Centre every season, and they are looking for artists to submit ideas for 2017.  For more information click here